For the past 25 years I have been successfully helping couples to repair and enliven their relationships and remain happily together.



- Keeping passion alive over time

- Improving communication 

- Making a deeper commitment 

- Adjusting the birth of child


- Navigate major life and/or role changes (such as caring for an aging parent, children leaving home,   retirement etc). 

- Strengthening or rediscovering the connection you once felt with your partner

- Healing after an affair or betrayal

- Separating from your partner if that is the healthiest option



What Couples Can Experience:

"My wife and I have not had much success with previous couples therapy."

"I was raised in some form of therapy and recovery for more than 20 years prior to meeting Maia. My wife and I continued to struggle with repeating fight patterns and made little progress throughout the years on our usual impasses.  I was skeptical of being able to find someone who met both our needs. Within minutes of engaging with Maia I felt like we were in safe knowledgeable hands and the progress was immediate from the first session.
From day one, Maia was able to get a firm grasp of our situation and didn’t waste time before giving us a critical set of tools which were relevant to us and our specific needs. She is fast, respectful, and efficient while being thoughtful and taking the time to fully understand.
My overall daily thought process is directly impacted with new insights and capability on making choices. Maia has helped me to understand and listen to my body when I get upset and practice separating the reaction from the reality while leaving room for other reactions and realities.  Specific to our situation she’s helped us realize that the enemy wasn’t each-other but how we chose to fight and what happens when we’re triggered. Fight cycles are definitely shorter and we’re both usually focused on restoring love instead of engaging in a fight. Maia has helped us relax and accept who we are as individuals, who we are together, and helped us see the humor and humanity in many of our situations. I feel really blessed and fortunate to have discovered Maia when we did, and thankful she gave us the time slot."

- Male, Web Designer, San Rafael