If your relationship is completely draining you, yet you feel stuck out of habit or fear of abandonment, then I can help you take the essential steps needed to refocus on your own happiness and wellbeing.  

One of the defining traits of codependency is the tendency to obsessively track your partner, anchoring your attention and well-being within this other person, instead of within yourself. 

While the addict or Alcoholic is destructively consumed with a substance or activity, the person caught up in codependency has become entirely lost in another person; personal boundaries are not properly maintained and there is an overwhelming preoccupation with "helping" this other person.  

If you have a tendency towards codependency, these same destructive relationship patterns can emerge in relationships where there is no obvious addict or dysfunction.  

Addressing codependency will free you to end destructive relationships as well as transform relationships that are worth salvaging.  



"Maia helped me to realize that being single and happy is better than being coupled and miserable." 

"I contacted Maia at the suggestion of a friend who was worried about me. While I was doing really well professionally, I was living with my boyfriend of five years and he wouldn’t make a commitment. He drank too much, was more flirtatious with other women than I was comfortable with, and I just didn’t trust him. But honestly, he was a step-up from my past boyfriends, so I was really attached to him. But I felt angry and resentful because he really wasn’t who I wanted him to be. I wasn’t happy at all but I couldn’t leave the relationship. 

Maia helped me to see that there were still some things from my past that were impacting me (that I’d thought I’d dealt with!). I learned that while I felt good about myself at work, I really didn’t believe in myself in some key ways. Maia didn’t always say things I wanted to hear, but she definitely said what I needed to hear. I could always tell that she really cared about me and that she was rooting for a better life for me. 

After working with Maia I was able to be honest with myself that I was “focusing on the potential” of our relationship rather than admitting the truth to myself about how unhappy I really was. Maia helped me to see how I had lost myself. I started working even harder on my own goals and spending time with my friends again. Eventually I faced my fears about being single and gathered the courage to end the relationship. 

Thank you, Maia, for helping me believe in myself again."

Female, Educator, San Francisco