For the past 25 years I have been successfully helping couples to repair and enliven their relationships and remain happily together.


Here's Why Couples Contact Me:

I work with couples that need support to improve their communication, align their life goals, deepen their intimacy, or to heal after an affair or betrayal.  I also help couples find their way through the complexities of major life and/or role changes (such as having a baby, caring for an aging parent, children leaving home, retirement etc).  The couples I see feel stuck in patterns that are creating loneliness and/or conflict and their partner seems just out of reach; the warmth and closeness that was once felt has somehow been lost.


Here's What Couples Learn With Me:

When two people who are deeply in love start to have discord in their relationship, the pain they are currently experiencing gets confused with the pain that is buried within each person that has roots deeply entrenched in the past. Both people are usually caught up in using outdated coping strategies learned in childhood.  The pattern is repeated over and over in a desperate attempt to get personal needs met, and even though the method is completely failing, they keep repeating it because they don’t know what else to do.  They may falsely believe that their partner should change in some fundamental way; often thinking that if their partner changes, the pain will go away, and love will be experienced again. An opportunity to heal and grow is incorrectly felt as something “going wrong” in the relationship.   


Here's How I Will Work With You And Your Partner:

You will discover how your relationship can be a catalyst to help you evolve and grow into the people you each want to be – both together and separately.  I teach and model how to use a powerful set of tools that are concrete and accessible. 

When a solid commitment is made to using these tools, the results are profound.  You and your partner will return to a place of deep love and shared intimacy; one that can be even greater than the initial stages of your relationship (the "honeymoon phase") because now you will be even more connected.  You will regain access to all of the wonderful qualities that caused you to fall in love initially, but now you will have the invaluable experience of having a shared history and continuity over time.  You'll find your humor and laugh together again, trust will be restored, and a passionate connection can once again be enjoyed.



  • Finally put an end to the predictable and painful cycle of repeat fights with no resolution 
  • Keep passion alive over time
  • Improve communication 
  • Make a deeper commitment 
  • Adjust to the birth of a child
  • Negotiate life transitions and role changes 
  • Align your parenting
  • Rediscover the connection you once felt with each other 
  • Prioritize your connection with your partner in the midst of busy lives. 
  • Heal after an affair or betrayal
  • Separate from your partner if that is the healthiest option


“I was nervous, but it turned out to be a great experience.”

"When we started with Maia we enjoyed our relationship and time spent together, but there were issues we faced.  Sometimes when we disagreed, that would escalate to an argument but not reach a conclusion.  We each harbored resentments that we didn’t feel comfortable sharing or had tried unsuccessfully to resolve.  No relationship is perfect. Enter Maia, who is fantastic!  She brings a warm energy to the room and makes therapy a very comfortable and safe place.  She encouraged us not just to speak openly and from the heart, but to listen intently.  We quickly got the root of our issues and also established clear guidelines to move forward with key challenging issues. We’ve become better communicators.  She taught us basic, easy to replicate techniques that help us to listen, connect and better understand one another.  I’d say we are happier and enjoy greater intimacy.  Most of all we know we can always go back, and have a few times at key points in our relationship ie. the birth of a new child.  One would think that therapy is only for people who have a broken marriage or are about to split up, but in truth, the earlier you establish a practice of working with a counselor either regularly or occasionally, the better the result.  Thank you Maia for teaching us to listen and talk to one another, for reminding me the importance of compassion and for helping to make things work for us.”

- Male, Sales Director, San Rafael