It is possible to get the equivalent result of 1 month of weekly therapy in less than half a day with Immersion Therapy.  

These longer sessions are designed to give more depth to your experience and more space for the mystery and clarity of your situation to unfold.

Immersion Therapy has spacious boundaries around time and the energy of the session builds on itself.  You will be able to get everything out of your head and heart and we will work until you feel done. You will be able to share your history, what’s happening now, and then we’ll clarify your goals for therapy and start working on them immediately. Using a mix of treatment approaches, you’ll experience new ways of looking at the issue, and you’ll leave the session with a clear sense of how to begin to create change.  

Scheduling an Immersion session at any point during the course of your therapy is a wonderful way to re-energize the process and create additional clarity and motivation to accomplish your therapeutic goals.  

An Immersion Therapy session can also stand on it's own; one or two sessions is often all that's needed to entirely resolve one specific issue.  

The impact of an Immersion Therapy session is powerful. Clients repeatedly tell me how safe and comfortable they are able to feel immediately.  By the end of the session people often feel a strong, calm sense of resolve.  It’s a very effective model for accelerated, lasting results. 

"This is an unusual offering that I think is enormously helpful."

"I am an artist and have done a considerable amount of psychological work in my life, but found myself in a situation that confused me and left me unable to handle. I needed support.
I was able to have intense and in-depth sessions with Maia Newman. She was so helpful and insightful that my log jam broke up and I was on my way down river with a fresh outlook.  I found Maia to be very intelligent, honest, direct and generous and willing to offer intense sessions to help with an immediate problem.  
This offer makes going to a therapist when you need one very inviting. I highly recommend Maia to anyone who is stuck and needs help getting an aerial view of the problem. She is terrific."

- Female, Artist, Woodacre