About Maia Newman

Maia Newman is a master therapist with 25 years of experience who helps high functioning individuals and couples practice acceptance and compassion. She is deeply intuitive, yet a practical truth telling guide who gets to core issues quickly for people ready to transform their lives now.

Through her combined expertise in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Somatic Psychotherapy, Dream Exploration, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness, Maia’s unique approach with immersion therapy sessions, phone sessions and in person therapy are customized to her clients' needs and designed to dissolve blocks around the very critical relationships people have with themselves and each other.

As a long term meditator and yoga practitioner, Maia integrates a holistic approach of mind/body/spirit awareness blended with the latest scientific discoveries for the deepest growth and results for her clients. She knows that people are people and everyone has both blessings and hardships in their lives, no exception! Clients say they feel instantly comfortable, at ease, and inspired towards change with her.

Maia lives in Marin County and works with clients locally and across the country on the phone. She has been licensed since 1996. Along with her private practice, Maia spent eight years working in a chemical dependency treatment facility for women where she worked with clients and developed and supervised the Intern Training Program.

When Maia is not helping people transform their lives, you can find her playing with her family and spending time in nature.


What People Are Saying About Working With Maia:


“Maia has a special ability to cut through my tangents and uncertainty with an insightful question or a careful challenge.”

“When I think back over my sessions with Maia and the positive changes in my life that I can directly or indirectly ascribe to her influence, it's kind of sublime: curbing my drinking, how I see myself and take care of myself, and how I have been able to just get at the root of things while making practical improvements.
I anticipate every meeting with Maia - And that is not because I know what will be discussed (relationships, usually) or how I will feel afterward (motivated, consistently). But because no matter how I feel or what is going on in my life, something unexpected happens. Sometimes something about me is discovered, or something about me is improved, or some practical reminder is made that refreshes my perspective, and I can see myself (and others) with more understanding and empathy.
As a listener, Maia is relaxed and open, focused and attentive, and her ability to recall details from many months ago often surprises me. What this means is my time with Maia moves positively forward and does not stagnate. Time spent with Maia is truly my time, and it is treated and respected as being valuable."

-Male, Creative Director, Oakland


"Without Maia's help, we would keep having the same fights, over and over again. "

"We had been married 8 years, had just purchased our first home, and our daughter was a year and a half old.  I had gone back to work in January and we were having a difficult time figuring out how to hold down two full time jobs, juggle all of the responsibilities of a baby with no family or help in the area, and maintain an aging home that needed a lot of work. Everyday stressors were starting to feel overwhelming and the 'piling on' effect started weighing on us. We had been in some couples counseling prior and it didn't really work for us.  We were skeptical that anyone could help us sort our troubles out.

Working with Maia has been a pleasure.  We always have takeaways and tools to use when we encounter issues in our daily lives such as a talking stick, chore wheel, the concept of "kinging", identifying our fight cycle, and focusing on restoring the flow of love have been instrumental in reducing the daily stress and bringing the joy back to our lives and our home.

It is possible that the constant stress and bickering prior to working with Maia would have continued to erode the love we have for each other.  Instead of being hopeless, we are hopeful and looking forward to our future.

Thank you, Maia, for giving us tools to help eliminate some of the stress points in our lives and to start focusing on where we can derive pleasure.  Thank you for helping us see how deeply ingrained some patterns are in our lives and that responses and reactions to stressful situations may have more to do with patterned behaviors and old wounds and less to do with current triggers."

- Female, Information Security Manager, San Rafael


Happiness is not a noun, it’s a verb.
It requires clarity of mind and reinforcing actions.
— Maia Newman