I will help you dissolve blocks around self acceptance and compassion.

Most people have a very critical relationship with themselves.  One of my primary guiding principles as a therapist is to help you create change looking through a lens of self-acceptance and compassion.

If you are feeling stuck and are unsure about your next steps, I will guide you. We have one life to live and most people can feel the accelerated pace at which it's passing as they grow older.  

In our sessions together I can help you experience more fully the gift of this one precious life.  

We will address the concerns that are bringing you into therapy in an atmosphere of openness, safety and trust.  

You Will Learn How To:

  • Release negative emotions such as fear, guilt, shame and anger and learn tools to be less reactive 
  • Understand how your past experiences are impacting you today and change any unhealthy coping strategies that you learned that are no longer serving you
  • Increase your awareness of your experience without self-attack and self-criticism
  • Have your speech and behaviors in the world more accurately reflect what you actually think and feel  
  • Learn to see and accept things as they really are and adjust any circumstances in your life that need to be changed
  • Find a sense of forgiveness for yourself and for others
  • Communicate in a way that will reduce pain and conflict
  • Enhance your capacity for deep acceptance and love


“Maia has shown me how to navigate through some really tough obstacles.”

"I had past experiences with therapists before I started working with Maia, not one of them gave me " a plan of action" during our sessions to implement when the session was over. They did a lot of listening  without giving me substantial advice. My disappointing search for the right therapist left me with the feeling he or she didn't exist. When I leave Maia's office, I have clear direction and the tools to deal with my life challenges.
Maia is very professional and clear with every aspect regarding her services without coming across as clinical or non caring . She maintains the client /therapist relationship without giving the feeling she's only there to get paid. I always get the feeling she truly cares about my personal growth and success.
I have experienced Leaps and bounds of growth and self exploration! As I imagine a coach's pep talk before a game, Maia has given me the strategies and encouragement  to monumentally improve my ability and confidence on the playing field of life. I am thankful for her  Support  in encouraging me to believe in myself and skillfully guiding me to search for the answers and solutions to use with dealing with situations that became unmanageable."

- Female, Entrepreneur, Ross

"The amount of personal growth that I have experienced is phenomenal."

"I became a client of Maia's at a time in my life that was very traumatic and transitional. Over the past three years Maia has been extremely instrumental in guiding me through this difficult time. She has helped me to embark on becoming my true self by helping me to let go of the traumas of my past and my fears of the future. With her guidance, I have been able to identify and work through my very serious issues and come out the other side.  Maia has been indispensable for this change. I am essentially a different person than I was when I first walked into her office. Today, I am a genuinely happy person." 

- Male, Media Professional, Mill Valley