If you are single and seeking a partnership, I will help you show up as the best version of yourself, and attract someone at that level as well.  



Are you single and longing to be in relationship?

If you are hoping to find a partner and create a lasting and loving relationship, I can help you address any unhealthy patterns that might be getting in the way of building the relationship you have been longing for.  When you are ready, you will learn how to attract the kind of partner you have been searching for, and feel better about yourself during the process.


Are you in the midst of a divorce or adjusting to the loss of a partner?

If you have lost your partner, I will support you during the grieving process and help you begin rebuilding your life.


“I’m now happily married!”

"Before I started working with Maia I felt very alone. I started sessions with her because I wanted a life partner and yet I couldn’t seem to keep a boyfriend for any length of time. I knew I needed help, not finding a man, but understanding who I was and why I kept making the choices I was making.
Well, I’m now happily married and celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary! I credit my work with Maia for transforming me from someone who constantly made dangerous choices about men into someone who fell in love with a loving, supportive, kind man who in an equal partner in every way. Maia recently guided me through the process of envisioning how I could get un-stuck from my day-job and become self-employed. I had been feeling trapped and I wasn’t able to see the way forward at all. With Maia’s help I came up with a plan. Less than a year later I became self-employed and am now doing work that I love!
Thank you, Maia for unconditionally supporting me, for never judging me, for pushing me just enough and knowing when to just listen, for being clear and direct about your fees, for making me feel safe, and for giving me the tools I need to manage my life in a healthy, fulfilling way."

-Female, Small Business Owner, Maine