Enjoy the benefits of therapy in the comfort of your home or office without the stress of a commute.


Whether you live across the country or around the corner, save driving time and add an hour or two back into your week by opting for Phone Therapy sessions.  

Many people have found phone therapy sessions to be just as powerful as in person therapy, and some people even prefer them.  I have been told by my phone therapy clients that they are able to be authentic and vulnerable and feel less critical of themselves while sharing over the phone.

Curious to see if it will work for you?

“I wanted an engaged and proactive therapist.”

“I wanted someone who would not let me get away with just telling the same stories over and over; someone who would really listen, not just to what I was saying, but what was going unsaid; someone who could make connections and see trends in my behaviors that I was blind to. So, without knowing anything about her, my greatest hesitation was that she would be the kind of therapist who sits back and just lets the client talk for the whole session. I’m pleased to say she was exactly the kind of therapist I wanted, hoped for and needed.
Working with Maia means I’m going to be held accountable for my actions, thoughts and choices. Maia isn’t afraid to question a statement I make, to help me parse the truth from the fiction of whatever “story” I’m sharing with her. She warmly but firmly encourages me to pause in order to really listen to myself and to feel the tightness or tension in my body. With Maia, I feel as much supported to be right where I am as I do nudged to keep growing. Each session is different, but the understanding that I hold emotions in my body that have been there for years and that that locked energy can hold me back is the foundation of the process of working with Maia.
I now have an arsenal of tools that I can use whenever I’m feeling stressed or scared or panicky. I hear Maia’s voice reminding me that “no one ever died from a panic attack,” or “excitement and fear register the same way in the body,” and “these are just big emotions and I’ve already survived them.” All these gifts Maia has given me, among many others, help me in the times between our sessions.”

-Female, Small Business Owner,  Maine